Motorcycle batteries, Lithium Extra series

UNIBAT Lithium batteries are about 3 times lighter than conventional lead acid batteries. Nevertheless they manage to ensure surprisingly higher performances. That power translates into the ability to provide strong starting currents necessary to grant reliable and repeated starts (also consecutive) even at low temperatures (weak point of lead-acid batteries). Life is also longer: estimated life of over 5 years (over 2000 complete life cycles). These batteries can also withstand long periods of inactivity (over a year). Charging time is very short: 6 minutes only for a supply up to 90%, and the charging status can be viewed through the special integrated tester, standard on all models. They are acid-free and also heavy metals-free with a very low environmental impact. Is this enough to make UNIBAT your choice?

Over charge and over discharge protection
Charge and discharge Over temperature protection
Excellent cycle life: more than 2000 cycles
Super cranking capacity - Long capacity retention
Lower self discharge - longer shelf life
Up to 75% lighter
Up to 3 times more durable than traditional batteries

Available models