Aragón, 28 September: today’s 23-lap race in Aragón was one of the most breath-taking rounds of the season with many riders crashing out due to the tricky conditions (including the championship leader Marc Marquez). The MotoGP field had to deal with fog, rain and colder temperature after two days of sunny practice sessions. Starting from the third row on the grid, LCR Honda racer Stefan Bradl had realistic podium aspirations but the challenge in these conditions was complicated for everybody especially with heavy rain at the final part of the race. Bradl ended the fourteenth round with a very positive 4th place which gives him more confidence before the over-sea back to back races.

Stefan: “Well…it was a crazy race for us. Firstly we have lost some positions at the start because our clutch was not working well. Then I was on hard rear tyre whilst the others were on soft except Marc and Dani. With the mist I had not enough confidence to lean because I was loosing the rear on entry so I dropped back some positions. Then it started to rain more and more and I thought to go in one lap earlier but I had many things in my head at that moment. The pit-stop was simply perfect so we could gain some position s when we changed the bike. After that the podium was very close but I missed the final boost to go for it. Anyway in the past we had difficult races so this 4th place is very important for us especially before the over-sea races. Must thank my Team because they made an excellent job in these tricky conditions”.

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