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New UNIBAT testers and chargers to take care of your battery


UNIBAT has always offered products of the highest quality to its customers in order to guarantee total reliability in any circumstance.

Anyway, battery is subject to hard pressures (as too hot or too cold temperatures, and so on) which can compromise its correct functioning. It is fundamental to take care of the battery and periodically do servicing in order to extend its life-cycle and guarantee the best performances.

Here below we introduce you 3 new Unibat products with the aim of simplifying these maintenance procedures.

The first one is a professional tester, UNIBAT UT12:

Tester Batterie UT12


The other 2 products are two chargers suitable for both 6V and 12V batteries.

They are different in power supply, so we have model UNIBAT CH1 (www.unibat.it/it/carica_batteria_ch1)
Carica batterie Unibat CH1
with a charge current of 1A, and model UNIBAT CH4 (www.unibat.it/it/carica_batteria_ch4) Carica batterie Unibat CH4
with a charge current up to 4,5A