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The partnership between Althea Racing and Davide Giugliano comes to an end


As the 2013 SBK season draws to a close, the partnership between the Althea Racing team and Davide Giugliano also comes to its conclusion. A fantastic story, that began in 2011 when Genesio Bevilacqua decided to build a structure around Davide that would allow the young Italian rider to be competitive, so much so as to be able to triumph in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, at the end of the hardest fought season of this category’s history. Thanks to his performance, Davide convinced both the Althea team and Ducati to entrust him with an official bike, that Giugliano made the most of, never disappointing the team or the Borgo Panigale-based manufacturer. The rest is recent history and the results obtained by the young Italian rider have secured his place not only among the top riders of the World Superbike championship but also as the new phenomenon of Italian motorcycling. Team Althea is therefore sure that it has fulfilled its goal and, in mutual agreement with Davide, has decided to leave him free to follow new paths that will guarantee his continued growth and definitive consecration in a factory team.

Genesio Bevilacqua: “Often, a separation between a developing rider and the team that launched him is caused by misunderstandings or dissatisfaction. But in this case I can say that once again there is a perfect understanding with Davide, with whom we have amicably agreed to take different paths, in order to give him a new opportunity to grow while team Althea will continue with its own programme. I want to thank Davide for his commitment throughout these three wonderful years, in which we have worked together and achieved great results and satisfaction. I give him my very best wishes, and hope he can achieve prestigious results in the near future. I am left with the great memory of a path travelled together and the satisfaction of having launched a young Italian rider to the top of international motorcycling.

Davide Giugliano: “I have enjoyed three fantastic years, decisive as far as my career as a rider is concerned. Over these three years, I have grown a lot and have learned so much thanks to Genesio Bevilacqua, who chose to believe in and bet on a young rider, giving me the chance to demonstrate my potential. I also thank him for having given me this latest opportunity that I hope will be significant for my future. My thanks also go to the members of the Althea team with whom I have spent so many great moments and who have helped me to achieve great results. Results that have only been possible thanks also to the support of the sponsors and everyone that has helped me in this period. I will remember them all with affection”.