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Here you find useful advices about how to manage your UNIBAT battery in the best way.
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What is the best way to take care of the battery?

If the battery is not a maintenance free battery, the liquid level has to be checked. When the bike has to be stored for over 30 days, we suggest to use a battery charger like our UNICHARGER, that is a completely automatic device. During the storage of the bike UNICHARGER can remain connected to the battery, acting a constant check and recharge of the accumulator, and granting a long lasting endurance. Furthermore we recommend you to clean the battery, the terminals and the clamps to prevent corrosion. Protect the battery from strong impacts or shocks.

What is the main cause of battery sulfation?

Sulfation may occur when battery is not constantly used for a considerable time (six months or more). In this case the lead plates harden and recharge is difficult, as well as the product usage. Anyway the new AGM Technology helps to extend the sulfation time of almost 40% more.

How long does a battery recharge last?

There is a mathematical formula which calculates the theoretical charging time and it is considered best practice to stay near this value.
This is the formula:
Battery capacity (in apere) / Battery charger capacity (Ampere/h).
The result is the required charging time (in hours).

For instance, if you have a 60Ah battery and you want to charge it with a e 6 Ah/h battery charger, the charging time will be 60/6= 10 hours.

Can an AGM battery be installed in any position?

This type of battery can be safely installed in almost all positios, because acid is kept by special separators made of special absorbed glass material (agm). These separators keep the acid and electric contacts between the elements

Can I replace my battery with a more powerful, bigger, smaller or lighter one?

The use of a battery different from that installed by the vehicle’s manufacturer can compromise and affect the vehicle’s efficiency. Anyway in some cases you can still do that, but we always suggest our customers to ask a professional installer or ask the dealer directly.

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